Rezwana Patterson - Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement™ practitioner

Transformation possibilities for children with special needs.

"Brain plasticity" wasn’t coined when Moshe Feldenkrais knew that movement is the language of the brain.

Movement creates something - in this case this whole being approach harnesses brain plasticity to organise, restore, create brain connection - with exciting outcomes for children with special needs.

Anat Baniel Method® for NeuroMovement™

The Anat Baniel Method (ABM)™

ABM is a learning based method that focuses on the relationships between our body and mind as we move: Movement is life and without movement there would be no life. Movement constitutes physical sensations, emotions and feelings and we learn, think and reason as a result of that.  When we bring attention to how we move and what we feel. We are offered the possibility to change and re-organize for a better and more functionally improved condition. Hence the process of learning based movement requires that we slow down and bring attention to what it is that we are doing. That we become more aware about how we are moving in relation to where we want to go and how we can achieve to our intention in a more easy and effective way. In this conscious work the brain is stimulated to change and evolve.

In ABM the student is guided to feel him/herself through a sensory movement experience. In this process the brain is offered possibilities to form new neural connections where new learning is introduced. Through these guided series of movements, the practitioner works with the impulses that go to the brain and as a result the nervous system. Gradually there will be a change in how the brain functions and how we manage to organize ourselves more effectively and with a greater variety of choice.

Anat Baniel Method® of NeuroMovement™ for childen with special needs

Through a series of 1-2-1 seassions this gentle, science-based method takes advantage of brain plasticity by training the child’s brain with the new information it needs to wake up and create new connections, often at an incredible rate. The developmental gaps caused by various conditions and traumas get filled in and those series of learning events often create a transformational change for the child, leading to extraordinary breakthroughs in movement, thinking and connection with others.


Anat Baniel Method with Rezwana Patterson for Children with Special Needs

A Child’s brain with brain injury, autism, CP, genetic disorders etc. can heal, grow and develop given the right conditions.
That is where I step in; my son was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and development delay.
I read Norman Boldge’s book, ‘The Brain that healed itself’, through this I discovered brain plasticity and its workings.

What exactly is Brain Plasticity?

A child with special needs results in the brain nerve (neural) connection fire off in a disorganised way.
Anat Baniel methods allow for gentle, organized movements to remap and feed the brain with developmental learning that is not available to a special needs child.
As the brain takes in the new information, the brain, ‘wakes up’- new neural connections are made. In which, the brain begins to change, becoming stronger, organised and positive changes begin to occur.
My son learnt to read and write aged 10.
In 8 months of ABM, fine motor skills were improved. He could now understand and sentence structure. As well as perform more than one task at a time.
Neuromovements built my son a better, stronger, organised brain. He was able to move himself beyond his ‘limitations’.

Now I offer this journey to you and your child.

Children with brain injuries, C.P. etc. can learn now to move in ways that were ‘impossible’ before.
Children with genetic disorders, developmental delay- can now learn to read, write and have a greater understanding.
Children with Autism can learn to connect themselves to the outside world.

Autism Spectrum

autism spectrum

Autism Spectrum Disorder and NeuroMovement™ Anat Banial Method®

A breakthrough treatment for autism in children.

The Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) is a breakthrough NEUROMOVEMENT™ approach the job of the brain is to put order in the disorder and to make sense out of the nonsense.

The brain of the child on the autism spectrum has great difficulty in doing so.

The Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) see’s autism as a disruption in the brains ability to perceive differences, disrupting the brain ability to create new connections, that lead to integration of new skills and a healthy process of development, physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

This disruption can be observed in the way children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) move from as early as 3 to 6 months old.

Children diagnosed with A.S.D vary from the norm in how they roll over crawl and sit up. Their ability to do complex movements is greatly reduced (TELTELBAUM 1998)

With NEUROMOVEMENT™ I will not try in any way to fix your child. My aim to wake the brain up to recognize their own body orient themselves in space and discover relationships within themselves and the outside world.

For more information movie of mum and kids.