Soul-Coaching & Healing

You are magic, conscious and great.

Yes we have all hear that, but do you believe it? For many years I knew it was possible, if I just did this ...if this just changed for me ...I would be happier ...would trust the universe more, I would could feel safe ...

The list is be endless, I tried everything possible Small changes, I had realisations that things could be different ,but couldn’t make it a reality for myself.

Now I have the potency and have chosen to the magic of change

We often want change, but don’t know how to choose change and create it.

In a session online or in person 60GBP
Via facetime, whatsapp video ect.

I will be the space and consciousness for us to explore and clear beliefs & emotions that cause stagnation or stiffness in your world, keeping us running on thought or emotional response programs that stop and limit change.

As we clear the locks blocks - know you are the key to all your locks, I just help you find them, be them,
I will bring healing conscious energy into the space

Awaking activating your gifts, your awareness, your greatness, everything you are ready to acknowledge bring them into being.

I use many different modalities & ones unique to me, I just ask you to be present be willing and let the magic flow

Look forward to meeting online or in person.

To Book An Appointment

For Soul-Coaching & Healing appointment booking and enquiries, please call Rezwana on 01900 822078, or send an email to